Ushaiqer Tour

Ushaiger is one of the oldest towns in the Saudi region of Najd and it was a major stopping point for pilgrims coming from KuwaitIraq and Iran to perform Hajj or Umrah. It was originally known as A’ekel but the name was eventually changed to Ushaiger. It was changed because the town is bordered by a small mountain north of the village. The mountain is red in color, yet locals said it was blonde simply because red and blonde were used interchangeably in the old days. Ushaiger means the “Small Blonde”, which is a description of that particular mountain.[1]

Historical Ushaiger belongs to the Tamim tribe although other tribes lived there as well. It is also the home land to many families in the Arabian Peninsula. The known families are Al-Hussaini (one of leaders on Ushaiger in old times), Al-Elsheikh (The family of Muhammad ibn Abd-al-Wahhab), Al-Thani (rulers of the state of Qatar) and & Al-Bassam etc.


SR 950 Per Person

Duration 1 day

Tour Itinerary

Trip Duration: 1 Day

Day First

  • Gathering at the hotel, eating breakfast, explaining the itinerary and starting the trip
  • Visit Al Salem Museum
  • Visit the reed village
  • A visit to the historic house of Al-Subaie
  • Visit Al-Ahsa Heritage Village and Eat lunch in a restaurant in Al-Ahsa
  • Wandering among the streets of Ishaqir and its narrow lanes, and enjoying a walk on the sands of tattoo influence, and having dinner
  • Farewell and leave.

Package includes:
All meals, Certified tour Guide, TTP Organizing & Supervision, First Aid kit, Transportation, refreshments , accommodation


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