Hail Tour

Ha’il is a city in north-western Saudi Arabia, it’s considered as one of the richest regions inarchaeology in the kingdom.Tourist place: Aja and Salma Mountains, Barzan Palace, A’arif Castle, Ayn Zubaidah.


Duration : 3 Days (Two Nights)
Price: 5200 SAR Per Person

Tour Itinerary

First Day

Gather at the hotel, eat breakfast, explain the itinerary and start the trip
Visit the site for drawings and inscriptions in the city of Jubbah
Go to the museum and farm clinic
Eat lunch and return to the hotel

Second Day

Gathering at the hotel and eating breakfast
Visit the village of Taba and its volcanic craters
Visit the historic city of Vid then have lunch
Visiting the fortress of Ayerf, then sitting in a wild session, eating dinner and returning to the hotel

Third Day

Gathering at the hotel in the morning, have breakfast, explain the itinerary, and start the trip
Visit the Hail Regional Museum and the popular market
Say farewell and leave

Package includes

Hotel 3/4 Stars
Meals and Snacks
Trip Supplies
Museum Tickets Fee
Tour Guide


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